Bacteria, Fungi and Molds come under the category of microbial. In which the Fungus and mold are the visible manifestations while Bacteria per se are invisible to the Human eye. They are present everywhere and multiply rapidly.   

There are 100's of Bacteria and classified as Gram Positive, Gram Negative....They are present in hospitals, schools, public transportation.....washrooms, houses, temples, hotels literally everywhere.

Antimicrobial is a generic term that is used for all products and technologies that assist us to keep this microbial in control.

It is a huge Industry that supports the healthy existence of Human Beings in a silent manner. 

Microscopic image of Bacteria.
Microscopic image of Bacteria.



BIOCRAFT is a firm, promoted and managed by professionals in the Chemical Industry, with over 4 decades of collective experience in managing the business side of high technology chemicals catering to various industries, including Textiles and Fabrics. The company represents leading global technology and its associated brand names in India. The company is known for its quality & ethical business practices.



The product is an advanced customary formulation from the R&D laboratories of an Australian based Multinational company.  The products are widely used in over 15 developed countries.  The performance delivery parameters far exceeds the industry standards. In effectiveness on a wide variety of Bacteria and it's surface bonding mechanism is unparalleled. 



The product offers immense application opportunities across a wide range of Industry verticals . The environment friendly technology with US - EPA recognised, European BPR  and  OEKO-TEX recognition  for use as a textile additive makes it the ideal and safe technology for adoption across industries.   The fact that the product is not aldehyde / alcohol based but water based increases its utility.

KEY FEATURES OF the product

Antimicrobial treatment at manufacturing / design stage stage


The antimicrobial chemical comes in a liquid form and is a water based application and has a WET on DRY process of 2 to 3 minutes, A simple dip and dry at the last stage of production makes the fabric  / garment antibacterial protection for the next 100 washes and beyond. Similarly for surfaces a dilution ratio of 1:20 with water  and a spray / wipe on a clean surface ensures hygiene & protection from Bacteria / fungus and Mould,  from 7 days to 30 days and beyond based on the  surface abrasion.


The products protection mechanism is physical and it is locked in its position while disintegrating the microbes. This gives its the consistency in antibacterial protection till the last wash in terms of fabrics, and on surfaces its protection is defined based on the surface and its usage. This non leaching feature also protects the user from getting the chemical onto their skin or getting released into the environment. 


The product is manufactured by using natural ingredients of organic source,  giving it the unique stature of technologically advanced organic Antimicrobial (Antibacterial) Protection. The organic nature of the product makes it environment friendly through out its life cycle right up to to the point of residue disposal. 


The unique feature of the product is, it is effective across a wide spectrum of Bacteria from Gram positive to Gram negative. It is also effective against  FUNGUS, MOLDS and dust mite. For a detailed list of Bacterias, Viruses and other microbes click below.


The Silane-Quat Bonding technology is very advanced that the treatment can withstand adverse laundry chemicals and procedures.  The bonding on the fabric or the surface withstands till 200 degrees and the bonding holds good with strong alkali and mild acidic cleaning reagents.


Every manufacturer who adopts our technology gets an option to TAG their product with an international brand through a non commercial tag usage agreement. We also provide complimentary implementation support and training to the end user of our product for a LIFETIME..

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