Odour Free

Sweat as such does not have any smell, But the odour is generated because of the action of Bacteria. When textiles are provided with Antimicrobial protection they become Odour free fabrics.  The existing technologies offer 10 to 20 washes while BIOCRAFT has a tested and proven and certified efficacy periods of 100 washes and beyond. 

Protects Health

Textiles harbor Bacteria and breed them for long hours  exposing the user and the environment to serious health problems.  The bacteria move easily from one fabric base to another on contact or through airborne process. Fabrics could range from bed linen to the everyday wear dresses, 

Eliminates Musty Odour

Textiles when stored for long hours  or during transportation generate a musty odour  due to bacteria and develop Fungus. An Antimicrobial protected textiles inhibits Odor causing bacteria and keeps fabrics fresh.

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antimicrobial protected fabrics could be the game changer...

Personal CLothing

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The rate at which the climate is changing  Antimicrobial Feature would need to be the default feature of every garment / fabric. The only question however, would be the technology used and its efficacy period. In both parameters our BIOCRAFT product outlasts the Industry standard . We use Human safe technology and our treatments last 100 washes and beyond. 

Hospitality Industry


There is an extensive usage of  textiles and fabrics in this industry. Linen and laundry are two major costs of Hotel operations both  in terms of capital  and recurring cost.  The bacterial safety of the fabrics used in Hospitality is a very critical component.  Our  specialty Antimicrobial treatment will  improve customer satisfaction and safety  to international standards. 

Healthcare Industry


Antimicrobial protection is not a luxury but an essential component of every fabric (woven or non woven) that is used in the hospital . Hospitals at all levels face the HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) threat, One of main carriers of Bacteria are the fabric material.  Hospitals can extend the life and quality of their linen, When they switch over to an antimicrobial protected fabrics / linen.

Educational Institutions


Educational Institutions ...Both at the K-12 level and the post school level  always reflects a everyday close interactions with multiple people and long hours of presence in closed environment.  High touch surfaces, and over crowded washrooms.This facilitates bacteria to move and multiply quickly, exposing the students to multiple infections and other bacteria related health hazards.   



Furnishings always add aesthetics to the indoor environment. However due to non standardized  cleaning schedules make them the biggest threat to the users of the room. The variation of temperature leads to humid patches on these fabrics which escalates the problem A  Protected  furnishing fabrics inhibit bacterial presence making the indoor environment safe and pleasant.  



Uniforms ....be it a corporate uniform or a industrial worker uniform or a services uniform. The common parameters are long hours of usage, frequent  usage and in many cases common laundry systems.  Antimicrobial protection of the uniform is essential to give the user comfort and aesthetics in terms of zero body odor and to also keep them healthy.

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