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Antimicrobial Industry in India is at a nascent stage and is bound to grow exponentially in the years to come. The scope of incorporating Antimicrobial value addition is abundant in almost every industry you can conceive of. 

BIOCRAFT   with its bold new and globally proven technology are the ideal partners for you to venture into the business of Antimicrobial products and services.  

Let us travel together on a meaningful journey of making environment safe for all. 

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We are currently engaged in setting up a PAN INDIA Dealership and Distributorship network to take the product across the last mile to the end users. 

If you have a previous experience in product selling it would be good, If you have expertise and experience in Concept selling that would be an advantage. 

If you are a novice in business, we will compliment your investment with our expertise to create a Win-Win business association. 


Are you looking for a Service Business

Antimicrobial Services Contracts is an untapped Industry in India, With BIOCRAFT you have access to the best Technology, Best Product and the best training to launch and take your business forward. 

The client ranges from your next door neighbor to your dentist to the large format Hospitals you drive by everyday and also includes your Child's play school and religious places you visit. 

Do let us know your interest  to know more through a call or email. The business association would be supported with customized online training and offline co marketing to support and grow your venture. 


If developing product is your core strength...

The scope for developing Antimicrobial protected products is immense. The only limitation would be your creativity. We standby our manufacturing partners by signing a non commercial co Branding contract with the worlds leading Technology Brand in the field of Antimicrobials. 

Be it an odor Free Sanitary napkins or  manufacturing fungus free civil engineering products or manufacturing Bacteria FREE uniforms for the Defence and Services Industry. 

You choose your product we will give you the technology and the methdology to manufacture the same. 

personal note related to entrepreneurship...

Dear Visitor,

We appreciate the fact that you have invested a lot of time on this website to have reached this part. we are also very confident that you would have been intrigued by this Antimicrobial Concept  and the various possibilities. 

Coming across a sunrise  Industry in 2019, is in itself a surprise, and if you want to capitalize on it do call on us or drop us an email and we will spend a couple of minutes on phone to identify synergies and business possibilities between us, If the first call makes the difference we could end up in a lifetime business relationship with mutual benefits. 

Warm regards    Shankar - GM Operations  - 9043020932  | e: shankar@biocraft.in


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