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At a leading Hospital in India the gynecology waiting area had an average foot falls of over 3000 per day, The waiting hall during daytime had around 100 people sitting at any point of time of the operational hours. The ceiling and walls were constantly infected with fungus and had to be painted almost once every month. The indoor Air quality was so heavy it was almost claustrophobic. 

BIOCRAFT technology and product saved the Hospital a huge investment in reengineering the area and improved its customer experience and comfort to near perfect levels forever within a few hours and ata  fraction of the cost. 


antimicrobial feature incorporation in engineering makes the difference....



plumbing is an essential part of all infrastructure, However plumbing reflects water and moisture. in addition the plumbing routes are always concealed and run in closed areas with minImum or zero access for cleaning. This leads to a problem of fungal infestation in these rarely accessed areas. The fungal infestation in turn gets leaked into the air and to tHe HVAC (heat, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) system of the infrastructure  leading to steady contamination of the indoor air. This is one of the primary reasons for SICK BUILDING SYNDROME, BIOCRAFT technology and product  can provide a lifetime solution to solve this problem. 



HVAC and false ceilings are almost synonymous with all infrastructures.  However once completed accessing these areas and identifying fungal infestations is a nightmare, In many situations even being aware of a fungal infestation in these areas is not possible. The HVAC systems are also designed to recycle this pocket of air that is sandwiched between the false ceiling and the cemented ceiling, increasing the opportunity for this fungal and bacterial infections to be pumped back into the conditioned air, posing a health hazard to the building users. New project or a 20 year old infrastructure, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on how to improve the situation. 



Engineering Industries especially industries with water based process incur a phenomenal amount of recurring expenses due to fungal  formation and in the event of a food industry the problem is magnified because of the associated microbial infections on the food.  Many industries have learnt to live with this perennial problem, As they could not stop their recurrence. BIOCRAFT has the required product and the application methodologies, which can bring down the recurrence frequency to levels of tolerance. Improving the safety of the factory premises and in quality enhancement of the products produced.

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We offer full fledged consultancy for both new and operating facilities. If you have a requirement to create a Microbe (Bacteria / Fungus / Mold) free environment in your Facility, be it educational, office Infra, Healthcare or a factory, Do get in touch with us. 

We study your problem, identify the root cause and offer solutions that are long sustaining, practical and cost effective.  

if you are an architect or a interiror designer involve us at your project stage and offer your customers a intangible benefit of Bacteria Free design as part of your value addition.

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