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We are in the process of appointing Distributors and Dealers across India for a Globally Renowned product in the field of Antimicrobial Textile Additives. Expression of Interest for distributorship is expected from Individuals and Business Enterprises experienced in the field of Textile Additive Chemicals / Product distribution.   

THE PRODUCT: FRESCHE Antimicrobials is the flagship product of FRESCHE BIOSCIENCES, Australia. The manufacturing facility for the Global Market is Located at USA. The product is semi organic, manufactured with extracts from the Coconut Plant and is registered with OEKO-Tex, US-EPA and European BPR. The products have market benchmarking features as in a Long-Standing efficacy of over 100 washes, Human Friendly Technology, Quick and cost-effective application, Effective on over 2,500 varieties of Bacteria, Virus and Fungi. The complete technical data shall be shared during personal discussion. 

KEY RELATIONSHIP PARAMETERS are listed below:        

 1) Exclusive Business Territory(s) would be Offered along with an offer to handle only Textile Industry or Multiple Industries (Minimum offtake would vary with expansion of Territories & inclusion of other Industries).                                                                                  

 2) Technical Support needed for product development using FRESCHE would be offered in a Holistic manner.                    

    3) Zero Cost licensing agreement for the tagging of garments / finished products with FRESCHE Brand.    

  4) Dedicated Help Desk and Product Feature / Training facility would be made available online for both the distributor and for the end clients. 

    5) International standard relationship document protecting the interests of the Distributor throughout the relationship period.  

THE MARKET: Before we start discussing the market potential, we need to share with you information pertaining to the Antimicrobial industry as a whole.  A quick insight is provided in this document to give you a preview into the potential of this Industry.     


ANTIMICROBIAL INDUSTRY:  Bacteria, Virus and Fungi (Visible to naked eye) come under the category of microorganisms and are the primary cause for sickness and health issues related to humans and animals. The product(s) that inhibit the presence and growth of these harmful micro-organisms is called as an Antimicrobial.  The Antimicrobial Industry has been in existence from the day the concept of Hospitals was established in this globe. The earlier concept, and you could also say the current prevalent concept in India, have always been reactive and the residual effect of the reactive processes provided the required protection in a proactive manner. This has proved time and beyond, that the limited time period protective feature, is grossly inadequate to the market realities of the threat from microrganisms.


There is an inherent demand in the Healthcare Industry for the product and there is a constant search done by the industry for products, for the latest technologies, available in this domain. However, with the advent of Wellness Industry (or rather the concept), the scope of Antimicrobial products has exponentially grown far beyond the walls of the Healthcare Infrastructure. Antimicrobial protected Handkerchief, undergarments, shirts, trousers, shoes, socks, Bath towels, Hotel linen, Hospital Linen, Bed linen, Reusable Napkins, Apron, Uniforms, ..........the list is endless and includes the non- woven.                                                             

 At this juncture we need to share with you the technologies that are currently used as in Nano Silver and other metals, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, UV (Light), Plasma (Ionised air), .....For garments the two primary technologies are Nano Silver or Ionic Silver (this is found to be carcinogenic in nature and is being progressively banned across the globe), The other technology is Quaternary ammonium compound which kills on contact and they are further classified by generations as in 1st gen, 2nd gen.... 5th generation being the latest. We refrain the information at this point because it would become too technical for a business document.                                                                                                        

What makes FRESCHE ANTIMICROBIAL to stand out both in the context of Industry Standard and its functionality would be the absoluteness of the product, Consistency and its long sustaining efficacy period. Detailed information regarding both these parameters along with the test reports, certifications and the Indian experience, shall be shared with you during the discussion.    






4)   INVESTMENT CAPACITY OF INR 7 TO 10 Lakhs                      


In the event that you would like to further explore this business opportunity do visit our website dedicated for distribution development .      

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Guardian Health Management Pvt. Ltd, referred as GHM, are the exclusive importers of the product for the Indian Market.  The company is in the process of setting up a Pan-India Distributor / Dealer Network with a centralised (Multi-Lingual) support system for Training and Product Application and Online Marketing through a dedicated Professional Team. Long Term Business Association is offered and expected as this is a sunrise industry with a potential for exponential growth in the years to come.