why surfaces should be antimicrobial protected

All surfaces Harbor Bacteria

Yes!, This is the truth, immaterial of your cleaning practices, it is found everywhere  be it your office premises or your child's pram or your parents cot sides or your own personal work table at home or office. 

Find out for yourself....

We have put a step by step instruction on how to check the bacterial presence at your home / office / car / factory   you would be surprised at the results  Request a copy of the guide by mailing to info@biocraft.in

Advantages of a bacteria free surface

Improves Health, improves indoor air quality, better breathing, lighter air, almost eliminates infections,  delays food decay......overall it makes life and living better


Available technologies a birds eye view

The current technologies used in Antimicrobial protection are chemical killing, UV Light, Alcohol / aldehyde based treatments and Quaternary ammonium compounds (different versions), nano silver, ......nano copper, strong acid / alkali based and certain enzymatic technologies.

Efficacy Period and Effectiveness

The common approach method of all the stated technologies is  in a reactive manner i.e on application they kill,  Certain technologies like  silver nano and certain Quaternary ammonium compounds exhibit negligible residual effect. Silver Nano is carcinogenic and is being banned.

Disadvantages or why it is not adequate

When we say reactive it means they are designed to kill  bacteria existing on the surface and the residual effect rarely exceeds a few minutes and in rare cases 2 hours .i.e you need to be constantly cleaning the surface every few hours to ensure minimal bacterial inactivity. 

Biocraft Technology / Product

The technology behind the BIOCRAFT product is way above the maximum performance standards of the existing products in the market.  The product has been proved and tested to keep the textile / fabric bacteria free for 100 washes and beyond, While on surface the Antimicrobial protection ranges from 7 days + to 30 days +.

Efficacy period and Effectiveness

The lifespan of the protective coating on an abrasive (constantly used) surface is 7 days and beyond while the lifespan of the protection on a non abrading surface is a whooping 30 days and beyond.  The surface is free from  Bacteria, Fungus  and dust mites .  The unique feature being IT attractS airborne bacteria and destroys them. 


The surface is always protected.  Eliminates daily periodic disinfection, saving man-hours and minimizing the chances of human error multi-fold times.  The indoor air quality improves drastically and in a consistent manner. The quality of the air can be tangibly felt by the facility users with the difference they feel in their breathing,  test results complimenting the experience.  

Facilities which need antimicrobial protection



A weekly spray / spray wipe of all surfaces including  upholstery and curtains would work magic at your home. The quality of the air you breathe improves permanently.  The touch and feel of surfaces improves due to the absence of bacterial presence on them. In situations where the families have babies or senior citizens, The improvement in the health can be tangibly seen with reduction in the number of times they fall sick and a visible improvement in their health.



Offices, In general are air-conditioned with multiple people from diverse social demographics spending a better part of their waking hours inside closed environments. Every time we breathe out we add a lot of water vapor to the environment, The humidity coupled with the cooler air facilitates the growth of bacteria leading to constant issues in health for the facility users. BIOCRAFT solutions for a bacterial free environment would make offices safe and  comfortable.



International customers who come to India have a serious concern about the bacterial safety of the hotel rooms in India. BIOCRAFT can offer the technology, product and application scheduling which will bring any hotel to international standards in terms of Biological safety. The international display certificate that comes along with the relationship will keep your customers more then happy.



Hospitals  are already adopting a wide range of disinfection procedures and practices. However, All these procedures are reactive by nature i.e they disinfect only after a contamination has happened, the residual effect rarely exceeds 2 hours, which is grossly inadequate for a healthcare premises.  BIOCRAFT has the technology and the product to provide surfaces that are protected in a proactive manner so that any Bacterial deposit on the surface gets instantaneously terminated for  7 days and beyond.  We also offer an end to end service from supplying the product defining the usage schedule and training the frontline workforce on how to use the product. 



Schools be it a kindergarten or a college, the children are constantly exposed to bacterial infections among themselves and  due to the fact that personal hygiene are compromised many times due to lack of awareness and supervision. Leading to constant sickness and other health related issues. BIOCRAFT can assist management of the educational institutions to create a bacteria free safe environment in a cost effective manner. Especially in the Kg to 5th standard levels the imune systems are not fully developed leading to frequent health hazards to the children. We can ensure that the children are always healthy and bring down absenteeism due to bad health and improve parent relationships to a large extent. 

Food production


Food production areas , Immaterial of the size and investment on a kitchen, Be it a small kitchen catering to a nuclear family or  a large flight catering kitchen  or a commercial food production factory,  After Healthcare, The high potentency rate for Bacteria is in this Industry. The abundant availability of bio products, moisture, warmth, excessive movement of dishes and products lead to high levels of bacterial activity. Yes, every commercial kitchen (Almost) is cleaned and disinfected with hot water steam etc every 24 hours. Unfortunately bacteria that comes in from raw materials multiply at the rate  of 1 to 20,000 in a few minutes. BIOcraft with its protective technology that can withstand 200 degrees can ensure near zero levels of Bacterial activity on surfaces 24/7. 

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